Non-Participation Letters to be Sent June 2015

AgriInvest is currently in the process of advising producers who no longer meet the AgriInvest participation rules that they are required to close their AgriInvest accounts and to withdraw their full account balance.

To participate in AgriInvest, producers are required to file an annual application reporting sales or purchases of allowable commodities. If a participant does not file an annual application for two years, the AgriInvest administration is required to close the account. The producers that have been deemed as non-participants will receive a letter instructing them to withdraw their full account balance and close their AgriInvest account held at their Financial Institution.  If the producers do not comply, a Letter of Direction will be sent to the Financial Institution requesting the account closure. 

The letters advising producers of non-participation will be issued starting June 2015 and Letter of Directions (if required) will be issued starting September 2015.

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