About Us

In 2022 National Consulting Limited (NCL) was formed through the collaborative efforts of 26 Saskatchewan credit unions. Previously a division of SaskCentral, NCL was established with a vision to create a company that provides operational support and solutions to credit unions coast to coast.

We are an organization with a team of experts that prides ourselves on providing high-quality solutions which credit unions across the country need. We are here to support you!

Credit unions have been counting on our services for years and can be confident that we will provide rock steady support now and into the future.

NCL’s mission is to collaborate to ensure credit unions’ success. We do this by continuing to support our credit union owners and clients as always, with a renewed focus to expand our client base to credit unions nationally.

 Areas where we can assist credit unions are:

  • AML/ATF and Fraud Compliance
  • Card and Banking Services
  • Digital Banking Services
  • Fraud Management Services
  • Lending and Deposit Compliance
  • Operational Training
  • Special Project Services
  • Strategic Sourcing (Procurement Services)

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Who you will be working with: Our team is comprised of people who are passionate about helping credit unions, their employees and ultimately their members. We have retail and wholesale credit union experience and established relationships with credit union system players, industry contacts and vendors.

Contact us! We can’t wait to work with you!

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