Information Security Toolkit Now Available for Saskatchewan Credit Unions Through NCL

With Credit Unions relying on data and information technology to function, Credit Unions require having information security processes and governance in place to operate effectively in an ever increasing and rapid changing online environment, needing to ensure security and safety of its data and systems for its members and Credit Union. There have been numerous information security events in various industries including financial services, and Credit Unions need to continue enhancing their information security posture to ensure they are operating effectively as it relates to Information Security. National Consulting Limited has available an Information Security Toolkit offering designed specifically for Credit Unions to assist in enhancing their information security processes and governance in their organization.

When it comes to Information Security it can be challenging to know where to start and even more challenging to understand what the Credit Union may need to address. This customizable Information Security Toolkit was developed specifically for Credit Unions to learn and implement best practices, manage organizational risk, and enable efficient and effective processes as they relate to information security.

The Information Security Toolkit provides direction in the following key areas:

  • Informative Webinars on Information Security and the development of this Toolkit
  • Information Security Board Guidance for Cyber Security
  • Information Security Policy Template
  • Information Security Governance Policy Template
  • Information Security Program Checklist
  • Data Inventory Template
  • IT Asset Inventory Template
  • Software Inventory Template
  • Vendor Inventory Template
  • Information Security Gap Analysis Tool
  • Information Security Knowledge Base
  • Information Security Roadmap Template
  • Information Security Incident Response Action Plan Template
  • Information Security Incident Reporting Template
  • IT Governance Committee Terms of Reference Template
  • IT Committee Workplan Template

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