Barry Bundus

Manager Fraud Management Services

​Fraud specialist extraordinaire is a much catchier title don’t you think? It certainly better describes the expertise of National Consulting Limited’s (NCL) Manager of Fraud Management, Barry Bundus.

Barry has a 25 year background in fraud management, specializing in the detection, investigation and recovery of external fraud; cyber risk awareness and security best practices; as well as training and guidance to reduce reputation risk and fraud loss.

He is a member of the IAFCI (International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators), CUOCPI (Credit Union Office of Crime Prevention and Investigation), and National Risk Management Committee.

In his role at NCL he helps identify and equip national credit unions with measures that will best protect them and their members.

And over his time serving credit unions, Barry has seen many of ‘the latest and greatest’ fraud schemes come and go. He believes awareness is key in mitigating financial and reputation risks. That is why he takes his role in educating credit unions on fraud and risk management via various delivery channels very seriously.

Dealing with fraud is never fun but credit unions can rest assured knowing that Barry is very passionate about his role and he will continue to work at ensuring they are always protected.

To enhance your current fraud management processes, contact Barry at 306.533.0471.

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