Updated AgriInvest Financial Institution Handbook and Program Email Address

The manager of the AgriInvest program from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recently provided us an updated AgriInvest Financial Institutions Handbook.  The effective date of the handbook is November 8, 2019.  We have posted the updated handbook to our AgriInvest page on the CUniverse.  As noted below, we have also updated the new email address on our CUniverse AgriInvest page. 

Agreements and Handbooks

The FI Handbook now reflects the changes to the AgriInvest program from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Framework launched on April 1, 2018.  The AgriInvest program changes did not affect the rules pertaining to the management of the AgriInvest Accounts at the Financial Institutions but rather on the calculation of government benefit and producer eligibility.

Some of the notable changes to the FI Handbook are:

  • FI Handbook is now in plain language
  • Addition of Section 2.7 Garnishments and Requirements to Pay
  • Expansion on transactional errors (Section 3.2 Deposit errors and adjustments and Section 3.4 Withdrawal errors and adjustments)
  • New email address aafc.agriinvest.fiactivity.aac@Canada.ca in Section 4.5 Contact Us

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