Robbery Resources

Robbery Reporting and Communication Process

  1. Dial 911 to report the incident to law enforcement.
  2. Contact CUMIS Risk Solutions Group to file a claim or request crisis management support: Cindy Unsworth 905.631.4925 or 800.263.9120 ext. 4925.
    CUMIS provides crisis management support through local agencies and will refer your credit union to an appropriate resource. The cost of crisis management expenses are covered by the Bond policy.
  3. Contact your National Consulting Limited (NCL) Master Policy Holder representatives to initiate a confidential SK system email alert: Barry Bundus 306.533.0471. The intent of this alert is to improve the ability of credit unions in surrounding regions to prepare to manage a potential incident and reduce risk to front line staff.
  4. Share suspect surveillance pictures with security designates of other credit unions by posting a grid warning to the Credit Union Office of Crime Prevention and Investigation (CUOCPI) website.

Note this function is only available to CUOCPI member organizations. Learn how to enroll in CUOCPI.   

Robbery Prevention Kit

Developed by CUMIS Risk Solutions Group and the National Risk Management Committee, the kit consists of the following training and reference material: 

Robbery: Are You Prepared? – DVD
Facilitators Guide & Program Overview – DVD
Trauma Cycle Details: Robbery After Effects, Post Trauma Cycle, Shock, Impact, Recurrence/Resolution, Referral
Preparedness Guidelines/Suspect Identity Charts
Robbery Tear Sheets
Height Markers
Time Lock Delay and Surveillance Stickers  Prevention kits can be ordered for $29 plus tax by contacting CUMIS at 1.800.263.9120.

Training Webinar – Robbery: Are You Prepared?

This 95-minute video provides employees with information on practices and procedures designed to minimize the risk of robbery before it happens, maximize the safety of staff and customers during a robbery and assist them in recovering quickly and completely after a robbery occurs. 

This video has been developed by Risk Solutions Group (a CUMIS loss prevention team), to inform and educate about robbery and how to prepare in a proactive manner.   For more information, or to register visit:  

Robbery Prevention Best Practices

This document identifies common best practices regarding robberies. As this document is a work in progress The Credit Union Bonding Program team are continually seeking suggestions for improvement or areas where clarification is needed.

If you have a suggestion for this document please email

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